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Welcome to Cash Cow.

Cash cow features several products including the cash cow nft, a decentralized Bridge between chains, yield farm and a milk store.

This whole document covers everything about cow finance (will as well be updated from time to time). So sit back, grab a cup of coffee ☕ and enjoy the long read through the sections.

Navigate through the project, learn more on our plan, how it works and our aims and objectives.

💡 Aims and objectives

Our main aim is to build blockchain infrastructures that promote absolute decentralization, transparency and user satisfaction.


No project can succeed without its community so we remain grateful to our community for believing in us and supporting us. We intend to hugely reward our community at each step of the way.


One of the key factors that determines a project is its long term value and progress. So we are determined to build tools and infrastructures that will be sustainable and stand the taste of time.


No authority or control is set over our users. Self-custody in use of products is the standard we set and maintain.


We intend to drive more adoption of web3 with the use of our products through onboarding and education of new individuals into the space.

🗺 Roadmap

Explore where we are and where we are going.

The Cash Cow Road map is a step by step layout of our plan and the processes involved in implementing them.


  • Research and Nft birth
  • Assembling the team
  • launching of social platforms (Discord, Twitter, Telegram)
  • Nft Sneak pics
  • Marketing Campaign
  • Nft Mint
  • Holder verification
  • $MOO token launch on Ehereum blockchain


  • $MOO Token Design and ARB Token generation
  • Token Allocation and Distribution
  • Fair launch on Pink sale
  • 1st Token Airdrop to Community (Nft holders)
  • First Milk store launch
  • Continued community building and growth


  • Building of Decentralized Bridge
  • Yield Farm
  • 2nd token Airdrop event to NFT holders.
  • Decentralized Bridge and Yield farm goes live
  • Continued community growth


  • DAO Launch
  • Full peer to peer marketplace (Milk store V2)
  • Peer to Peer Marketplace goes live

Note: The Road map is subject to change and improvement.

❓ F.A.Q.s

Cash Cow is a revenue generating ecosystem that is focused on building decentralized products and blockchain infrastructures that will render financial services to people.
We intend to build fast and secure decentralized infrastructures as well as reward systems for our community.
The $MOO token is the native token of Cash Cow.
Below are some of the many benefits and rewards we have for our devoted members;
  • We're building a bridge between chains and a yield farm, so you will get to use and experience these products.
  • Revenue sharing system from the sales of our merchandise.
  • Holders of the Cash Cow NFT are eligible to get the $MOO token airdrop
  • Holders of the Nft will as well have exclusive access to the DAO
  • Holders of the Nft will as well have exclusive access to the DAO

The project is community based, There are many benefits for our members as we move on, with more utilities comes more reward systems for our community.

Yes!, the amazing and hardworking team behind Cashcow is fully doxxed, more information about the team can be found on the website.

🐮 Cash Cow NFT

What came to your mind when you heard of cash cows 🤔

Cashcow is a collection of 3333 NFT characters on the Ethereum blockchain. It is a community driven product that rewards its holders for their participation and support in the community.

"Don't be a boredape, be a Cash Cow"

Each Cash Cow Avatar represents the owner in the community and in the DAO as well, the holders of this NFT are entitled to all the benefits and rewards that come from the project.

you can buy a Cash Cow nft from the market here 👇

🌉 Decentralized Bridge

What is a decentralized Bridge?
What Are Blockchain Bridges And How Do They Work?

Blockchain technology has covered quite an extensive journey since its introduction to the world. The subsequent rise in the number of cryptocurrencies and development of blockchain networks that are programmed, such as Ethereum, have created a completely new ecosystem. Blockchain promises the value of decentralization and freedom from the control of any individual or institution.

However, majority of blockchain networks exist in the form of isolated communities with their own economies. Therefore, blockchain bridges have become one of the inevitable necessities for the decentralized application ecosystem. The restriction on interactions between different blockchain networks creates limits for decentralization, the core principle of blockchain technology.

A blockchain bridge serves as the ideal solution for interactions among different types of blockchain networks. It opens up the scope for applications based on one blockchain network to use the resources of another blockchain network. The maturity and evolution of blockchain technology have led to the demand for blockchain bridge projects to improve interoperability among different blockchain networks.

We intend to build this cross-chain bridge starting with a bridge between the Ethereum and Arbitrum Networks to enable users fast, easy transfer of assets and interaction between the two different chains.

🌾 Yield farm

In many ways, yield farming works like a savings account, where you deposit money with a bank, which then pools depositor money and lends it forward while you earn interest on the funds you deposited. But instead of being converted into a mortgage or a business loan, the cryptocurrency in a yield farm is invested in smart contract applications.

With yield farming, users stake their currency—the cryptocurrency equivalent of making a deposit—with others investing in the same farm. Staking may require you to leave your funds invested for a specific period. Your cryptocurrency may then be used as collateral or to provide liquidity to mining pools, depending on how it is invested.

Yield farming begins with the creation of a pool of cryptocurrency assets. These are the steps that take place to facilitate yield farming:

  • Liquidity pool is created: The first step in yield farming is creating a liquidity pool. This relies on a smart contract that facilitates all investing and borrowing for that specific yield farm.
  • Investors deposit assets: Investors can connect their digital wallets to deposit currency in the liquidity pool. This is sometimes referred to as “staking.” This is somewhat similar to customers making a deposit in a bank or investing in a mutual fund or ETF.
  • Smart contract enables borrowing: The smart contract can facilitate several processes, including adding liquidity for a cryptocurrency exchange market, or lending to others.
  • Reward payout: Interest, bonuses, and rewards may vary by yield farm. You may be paid at regular intervals or on a specific future date.

🛒 Milk Store

The Milk store is a peer to peer market for all types of OTC trading where users can sell both digital and non digital assets. More information on this will be updated soon.

💰 $MOO

The $MOO token is the native token of Cow Finance. It is a token launched on two different chains Ethereum and Arbitrum .

Pre sale --33.47%
Vested team--7%
Bridge Liquidity--10%
Community rewards--3%

Token Info

Token Name: MOO Token
Token Symbol: MOO
Token Decimals: 9
Presale address: 0x066E8818BEA6BA8cEfAEC71Dd0c225B3d4D855C1
Token ddress: 0x5eaB70a24d39A3C17b12097276d3f97a2431D300

Token info ----
Total Supply 100, 000, 000 MOO
Tokens For pre sale 33, 467, 202 MOO
Tokens for Liquidity 16, 532, 797 . 788 MOO
Soft Cap 10 ETH
Pre sale start time 2023.03.09 16:00 (UTC)
Pre sale End time 2023.03.11 16:00 (UTC)
Listing Sushiswap
Liquidity percent 52%
Liquidity Lockup Time 180 days after pool ends